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"Hats off to Jay W. Mitton, MBA, JD Founder, researcher, and developer for this one stop encyclopedia/store house of knowledge: he has put together a fortress of protection for those who follow his advice."
 Jimmie N.

" [the attorney for] three to four hundred doctors we have concluded that this seminar is a must for the asset protection of each and every doctor practicing in the United States today."
 C.W.H, Attorney,

"In ten years as a practicing attorney, I have never been so impressed with another colleague's ideas and creativity as I have been with those of Mr. Mitton's lawsuit protection strategies."
J.V., Tax Attorney
Los Angeles CA

"Your seminar covered more ground on asset protection than twelve years of study and textbook application as a financial planner."
Robert D.
Atlanta, GA

" First-class information, presentation and affordable materials have no peer in the financial arena."
Patrick W.

"...... [You have] put together a package of materials that takes the guesswork out of most any sort of legal business. It leaves ... clients confident and informed and prepared to go out and succeed without fear. I would recommend the ... materials to anyone. It is time and money well spent."
Stephen C.S.
North Liberty IA

"We were able to run out on our convention lunch break and take the steps necessary to legally avoid 100% of all capital gains taxes [under section 785 of the Internal Revenue Code], resulting in a substantially larger yield from my investments. The entire package of materials paid for itself at that moment, the same day that I purchased them."
Rev David G.J.

" I set up a Nevada Corp and a Delaware FLP and had a law firm look it over after it was set up. The law firm told me it was A+ work and was amazed I set it up myself so professionally. It saved me thousands of dollars."
Paul F.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I was hit by a federal judgment against me for over $100,000. Thanks to your asset protection techniques, I did not lose one cent or a single asset. You should know that an attempt to place a lien against my property failed because the property is held in the [uniquely designed FLP] you described in your seminars. Thank you very much."
Dr. J.H.
Cleveland Heights OH

"This financial information clearly enabled us to make significant changes that will enhance our estate, protect our assets and improve our return on investment. No other firm or individuals have ever helped us to this magnitude. Thank you."
Kurt R. P.
 Carmel IN

"Insurance is very important, but your program goes beyond this protection to put not just an umbrella, but a legal bomb shelter over your family. Thanks for the great information."
Rusty K.