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Jay W. Mitton holds four university degrees and has taught at two universities. He has been a senior partner of a national law firm specializing in asset protection with offices in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Dallas. His clients have included Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, CEO's of large corporations, and world-renowned surgeons and physicians.

Mr. Mitton has lectured on the subjects of lawsuit avoidance and asset protection at more conventions and seminars than any lawyer in America. He has shared the stage with Colin Powell, Christopher Reeve, Margaret Thatcher, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Rudy Giuliani and former US Presidents Reagan, Ford, and Bush. He has also shared the stage with top motivational and business speakers like Zig Ziglar, Lou Dobbs, and Brian Tracy. He has appeared on CNN, 60 Minutes, local TV and radio programs, and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, LA Times and Forbes. He is widely regarded as “The Father of Asset Protection” and is the best-selling author of the book, Cover Your Assets: Lawsuit Protection, published by Random House/Crown Books.

Jay Mitton is the founder of several companies whose focus is the proper structuring and protecting of assets. He personally contributes to the on-going research of the latest court approved asset protection strategies and legal tools that protect ones assets. Hundreds of attorneys, financial planners, CPA's, and professional speakers continue teaching Jay's advanced asset protection strategies to tens of thousands yearly.

Jay Mitton’s career as an innovative advisor, attorney and advocate of asset protection was born out of early childhood experience when he saw firsthand lawsuits destroy his fathers business and personal assets. Jay’s passion for protecting others from such financial devastation motivated him to become an attorney and create this unique educational program.

My Life’s Mission

“When I was a young child , we were living in a little yellow brick home my father, a builder by trade, had built for us with his own two hands. I will never forget him gathering the family together and telling us, ‘We have to move, we are being forced to give up our home because of a lawsuit.’

“My father was a hard-working, honest man, but he was not a very good business person in terms of protecting himself. We were forced out of our home and lost our meager assets, because of lawsuits against my father. One suit came as a result of him innocently loaning his business truck to a neighbor, who wrecked it.

“I vividly remember my family’s humiliation and poverty. I grew to dislike bread and milk with a passion, because that was, too often, both the morning and the evening meal.

“I was only 10 or 11 years old when I wrote in my little purple diary, the following, ‘When I grow up, no one will ever take one penny from Jay Mitton.’ This has led to my life’s mission. Some kids wanted to grow up to be firemen, policemen, professional athletes, movie stars, or the president of the United States. I wanted to grow up and stop families from being destroyed by lawsuits.

“I have devoted my life to helping good people understand that earning a living, accumulating assets, and creating wealth is only one side of the coin.The other critical side of the coin is to learn how to preserve your wealth from suit's and life’s many financial predators.”